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Our New Mega Site

You may have noticed quite a bit of construction around here. We've recently completed migrating to a new fulfillment center. It's allowed us to provide you with higher buylist prices, lower shipping and the ability to deliver your order 7 days a week! We're not done yet! We want to not only offer you a great trading experience we also want to give you a plethora of choices to spend your store credit on. We formulated a plan to make this happen and asked our traders what they thought. An overwhelming 92% voted to proceed with the new plan. Here's how it works:

how it works

Using this method to fulfill your orders allows us to offer you the choice of essentially any in print board game, RPG or accessory. The only downside is that the extra steps add 3-6 days of processing time. Initially we will process all of the orders in queue each Monday. As more users come on the site we will also process orders on Thursday. All of the games in queue are shipped to the fulfillment center. Once processed your order is shipped to your door. Unlike any other board game site we deliver on Saturday and Sunday. It helps offset the extra processing days. 

The Mega Site will take about a month to create. Then a couple weeks for testing. The store site and the buylist site will be on different platforms and look significantly different. Do not be alarmed. Your account information and store credit will be transferred to the new store site. You will need to reset your password once the site is up and running. Any store credit you earn between now and site launch will be automatically transferred. Now is a great time to trade in and pump up your store credit balance for the mega site launch!