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Vast: The Crystal Caverns [2nd Edition] - The Fearsome Foes

Vast: The Crystal Caverns [2nd Edition] - The Fearsome Foes

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Introducing The Fearsome Foes, an expansion pack for Vast: The Crystal Caverns. This pack provides three new, interesting roles for all play styles, whether you want to deepen your solo experience or expand your game to play with up to seven players! Three new roles: • GHOST: Reclaim the remnants of your mortal life using your spectral powers, manipulating your opponents with telekinesis or possessing them to do your bidding. • GHOUL: Stalk and terrorize your opponents, growing stronger with each battle. Corrupted and evil, you live only to hunt. • NIGHTMARE UNICORN: Gallop on magic winds and use your fearsome horn to punish your opponents. Regain your former radiance and escape this dark place forever. Each role comes with its own rulebook, detailed miniature, wooden meeple, set of cards, and two player boards. REQUIRES VAST: THE CRYSTAL CAVERNS TO PLAY.


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