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In just a few clicks you can sell your gently used board games and collectibles. No forum posts, no auctions, no waiting, no hassle! Plus you'll receive a 20% bonus when you trade-in for store credit! For a limited time you'll also receive $10 in store credit when you trade/sell 5 or more games. It only takes a few minutes! Before we get started please review our Condition Guide for more information on how we grade games.

how to buylist

Please read the buylist terms and conditions before submitting an order.

Expansion Notice

1. If the expansion is available in a two-piece printed box you must have it in order to qualify for the Very Good or Played price. If you do not have it please select No Box. If No Box is not an option we are not currently purchasing this expansion without a box. If the expansion is originally packaged in a film or other nonreausable packaging we do not expect the original packaging to be included for any condition.

2. When you send in your expansions they MUST be 100% separated from the base game. If you do not have the original box please bag the expansion components separate and label the bag. Failure to do so may result in your game being rejected or you will incur a sorting fee. 

Best Practices

While getting your games ready for shipment always use packing materials such as bubble wrap, peanuts, foam or any other standard material. Fill any gaps. Avoid using newspaper, paper towels, plastic bags, trash, water balloons, actual peanuts, rocks, fire or woodland creatures as these do not protect your games very well. Don't forget about the inside! It is likely your box will be turned over at some point during shipping. Use bags or wrap to secure components like cards, tiles, minis and other small pieces. This will help ensure we receive the game in the same condition that you sent it. 


The games I search for aren't showing up.

We buy hundreds of different board games and collectibles, but not all of them. Check back in a few weeks to see if we are now buying those games.

I have NIS (New in Shrink) games to sell, but you're only buying used?

To ensure our customers a 100% completeness and condition guarantee we only buy new games from authorized distributors. We accept NIS games as Very Good as they will be opened and inspected for completeness and condition. This keeps the baddies who repackage games from causing problems. However, once you have

I paid $30 for this game and you're only buying it for $5!?

Our buy prices are based upon current online sales price (which is down about 20% for most games from 2017), how much they cost us to ship, and demand. Unfortunately some games are "rocks" as we call them. Rocks have a low selling price, are medium to large in size and have medium to low demand. We will buy them, but sadly at only at a small percentage of its retail price. Most other games we can pay much more.

I have game XYZ, all 13 expansions and 483 Kickstarter EXCLUSIVE promos, but only the base game is showing up on the buylist.

At the moment we are only buying base/standalone games and a few popular expansions. We focus on items with a barcode. If it doesn't have one we probably are not buying it.

I have a very good condition game to sell, but it says you're only buying played copies.

This will happen on occasion when we are overstocked on one condition. If this happens add to cart as played and note it on your order. If our graders find that it is in very good condition we will adjust your sale total accordingly.

I have a played game to sell, but it say you're only buying played copies.

This will happen on occasion when we are overstocked on one condition. Please do not add this item to your order it will not be accepted.

One of my games was rejected! What do I do now?

Don't panic! This happens from time to time. The reason for the rejection (usually because the game is incomplete or damaged) will be stated on your Order Graded email. We offer three solutions to help with this problem. 1. If your game is missing components see if you can find them. Send them in and we can complete your order. 2. We may offer to still buy the game at a significantly reduced valuation (usually $1-$3). We put these games in a quarterly auction that gives gamers who don't care about a destroyed box or a couple missing pieces a chance to get some great deals. 3. We can ship the game back to you and reduce your payout by the cost of the shipping.