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Shipping Guide

Shipping your games to us is cheap and easy with our zero cost out of pocket frustration-free Label Service.

1. Once your buylist order is approved UPS will  email you a number of shipping labels based upon the size of your order. Be sure to add an address on your account. If you do not it will cause a delay as we need a return address to create the labels.

2. Simply print and affix the label(s) to your box(es).

3. At your earliest convinience drop off your box(es) at your nearest UPS location. If you'd prefer a pickup ($6.50 extra) just let us know a good day in your order notes. 

4. If you've shipped board games before you know it can get pricey! That's not the same with us. Partnered with UPS we are able to provide shipping rates 50-75% less than what you'd pay at the post office! The actual amount we are invoiced is deducted from the cash value of your payout. Check the Shipping Guide below for money saving tips.

Prepping Your Games for Shipment

It's very likely that your game will arrive mostly in tact on its own. However, without the proper prep work it is unlikely to arrive in the exact condition you sent it. The box will be turned over many times in shipment. The components are likely to spill out of the insert and sometimes even out of the box completely. At a minimum we recommend that you bag small components and cards inside the box. To protect your games further you may consider wrapping each game indvidually or 2 at a time in plastic wrap, bubble wrap or even news paper. This will prevent scuffing that often occurs and save the value of your games.

The Box

While it is perfectly fine to use whatever boxes you have lying around please keep a few things in mind:

1. UPS/Fedex charge by the greater of actual weight or dimensional weight (LxWxH)/139 and an additioanl surcharge for the distance away from our facility. 99% of the time board games are charged by dimensional weight. It is recommended to choose a box that is no more than 30% larger than your games. Oversized boxes cost more and require more packing materials to fill. It's a lose-lose. 

2. Each label comes with an automatic $100 in free insurance. Additional insurance may be purchased for 1.5% of the cash value of your games in excess of $100. However, your shipping box must meet UPS Packaging Guidelines to qualify. 

3. Used boxes are much more likely to crush or even fall apart during shipment. Uhaul (ironic I know) boxes, stereo boxes, and others without an edge crush certificate are not suitable for shipping long distances. These boxes will cause any insurance claims to be denied.

Packing Your Games

It is recommended that you reserve between 15% to 25% of the boxes' volume for packing materials. Fill the empty space, equally on all 6 sides, with packing materials such as bubble wrap, peanuts (strongly disliked but they do the job), kraft paper, air packets or the like. Please do not use items like paper towels, magazine pages, refuse, styrofoam or other scraps. They do a poor job of protecting your games. Inadequate or poor materials will likely cause denial in the event of a shipping claim. 

Once you've put in your materials shake the box a bit to make sure that the games cannot move around at all. Close the box lids firmly and seal with packaging tape. Then affix a provided label to each box. It doesn't matter the order. 

Shipping Your Games

Once your games are packed simply drop them off ant any UPS location. We can also schedule a pickup for $6.50. Just let us know a good day for UPS to come by. That's it! You'll receive a notification once we receive your games. Within a few days you'll have your store credit or cash payday. It's just that easy!