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Summer Break

Dear Traders,

You may have noticed over the past few months we have made some major changes. We expanded our buylist by several thousand games and drastically improved our buy prices. One of the main reasons we were able to make these improvements was that we outsourced our fulfillment to Amazon. Yes, the same smiling face that brings games to your door. It brought our cost down and we passed the savings on to you. It hasn't been without it's problems though. A large portion of our inventory was mislabeled as used by Amazon's staff causing a huge problem. After spending three months speaking with over 50 different people at Amazon there was a solution. They sent us back the inventory and we removed their labels. A quirk in the Amazon system is barring us from sending the inventory or any of the same titles to their fulfillment center until August. It has already been two weeks and over a dozen Amazon staff members have been unable to provide a solution. 

In short this problem prohibits us from selling to you hundreds of different games and causes a major headache in implementing the new site. Rather than keep you all waiting we are going to close for the summer. We will attempt to pick back up in August or as soon as this is resolved. Our sincerest apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused.

If you need to use your store credit please email us at with a list of your wants. It may take some time, but will get back to you as quickly as possible with what games we can send you.

We still plan to have a special sale once we are back up and running. Hopefully we can get this resolved before August. If so you'll hear from us again then. Have a great summer and thank you for your understanding. 


The Cheap Cheap Games Team

Downtime & Special Sale

Beginning May 22nd at 2:00pm CST checkout on our webstore will become unaviable. The buylist will still be available for use. 

We will reopen the store temporarily for a special sale! Store credit cannot be used during this event. There will be BIG discounts on hundreds of games. The sale will last for a few days then we will close the store again. The store will remain closed as we migrate to our new webstore. The new store, which has thousands of products, should be available in June.

Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter for more updates and a chance to beta test the new store.

Buylist 2.5

Buylist 2.5 is Here!

There's lots to be excited about! 

  • We are now buying Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Playstation 4 video games, consoles and accessories. Already beat the game? Trade it in for a new board game! 
  • Shipping in your games has never been easier. Inbound shipping is now calculated. You'll enjoy average savings of 60% versus going to the post office. Plus we've created a Shipping Guide to provide you with all of the details and money saving tips. As always any shipping costs are simply deducted from your payout (before bonuses) so there's never any out of pocket costs for you!
  • We've changed our board game conditions from Very Good or Played to Like New (A rated), Very Good (B rated) and (C Rated) Good. It's easier than ever to determine your games condition when building a buylist order. Just head over to the new Condition Guide for all of the details.
  • Last buy not least we have upped the store credit you earn on trades to a whopping 30%! Plus most games received a bump in buying price.

Find out how much your games are worth!

Full Steam Ahead!

Nearly a month ago we began some radical changes that would allow us to provide you with faster and better service. The road has been bumpy as this change involved coordianting through many different people and vendors to accomplish the changes we hoped to bring you. We are happy to say that most of the backend issues have been corrected and our new fulfillment system should be online within the next 5-10 business days. Once it becomes operational your order will ship the same or next business day.

Buylist verison 2.5 will be announced very soon. We will begin accepting current gen video games, provide you with lower cost shipping options, and process your orders faster. If you currently have an order that has been placed on hold please note our buylist team will be back later this week to begin processing the backlog of orders.

Lastly, our new store site is coming along well. However there are still some more kinks to work out. We will continue to use the current version of our site for at least the next few weeks. Please note that we will still only be accepting store credit or Paypal (accepts all major credit cards) as a payment method until the new site launches. Also, there will be a lag time between the stock we show on the site and our actual inventory. If you have any special requests please use the Board Game Concierge form.

Thank you to all of our supporters and customers who have stayed aboard with us while we navigate these stormy seas!

Under Construction

Over the next few weeks there will be a significant amount of improvements at Cheap Cheap Games!

1. In order to provide you with better pricing on both the buy and sell side we are moving our fulfillment center to Dallas TX. On the store side this move will allow us to provide you lower prices on games and a lower free shipping minimum. On our buylist you will we will be able to offer higher buying prices, an increased buying selection and even FREE incoming shipping! There's a lot to be excited about.

During this transition period, appx 3 weeks, there will be long order delays. If you need something urgently please order by 3/16 to avoid the delay. Payments must be made via PayPal.

2. Our current storefront does not have the capabilities to handle our new fulfillment method. We will be moving to a new site. Your store credit and account information will be transferred. However, your history will be lost. You will also need to reset your password once the new site goes live. The new site will look significantly different (better) than the buylist site. Please don't be alarmed. 

3. Our buylist site will remain the same for the time being. Any credit you earn will be usable on the new store site. Also, we will begin buying video games! We plan to start with Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Nintendo 3DS, and PS4. We will work our way backwards to retro systems over the course of this year. By 2020 we plan to be the best way online to trade in and out of any sort of game! Plus as we mentioned before you'll be able to send in your trades at no cost! Stay tuned for the Buylist 2.5 announcement coming towards the end of our restructuring period.

Thanks again to all of the gamers to made this site possbile we look forward to serving all of your gaming needs :).

5 Reasons to Buy Used

5 Reasons to Buy Used

5. There’s No Environmental Impact


Each print run of a board game consists of thousands to tens of thousands of units. Dozens of new games and reprints are hitting shelves each month. This translates to millions of plastic bits, pieces, dice, etc. being sent all over the world. Most modern board games are produced in China. As recycled plastic material is significantly more expensive and somewhat difficult to source in China they use new (virgin) materials. This causes the demand for new plastic increase. The process of creating new plastics releases dioxins and organochlorides into the environment which can cause cancer and other health issues in people and animals. Nasty stuff.

4. You Help Your Favorite Publishers


Most board gamers are very dollar-conscience people. As with any purchase the main decision factor in whether or not to buy a game is the cost versus how much enjoyment we expect from the game. When the cost goes down it makes the purchase decision much easier. The more players that are able to get into a game the larger player base publishers have to work with. Now each new expansion, Kickstarter and/or organized play event has a greater audience. This generates more revenue for developers to pour back into making great games. 

3. You Help Your Fellow Gamers


Nearly all of our used games come from gamers just like you who trade in through our buylist. When you buy used you give us the ability to take in more trades from your fellow gamers. New games for them and new games for you! It’s a win-win!

2. They’re as Good as New


You may have had a bad experience buying a used games from Ebay sellers like UncleJimmy1964. Your game was delivered damaged and missing pieces. Uncle Jimmy wouldn’t even respond to your messages. What a nightmare! 

We’re no Uncle Jimmy. All of our games are screened for condition and completeness. Every game comes with all of the pieces and the instruction manual. Guaranteed! If any problems arise just send our support team an email and they’ll get back with you ASAP! The only difference between our used games and a brand new game are a few (possible) dings and some plastic wrap. That's it. 

1. They’re just plain cheaper

Let's face facts. If you're searching for used anything you're on a quest to save some green. On average our used games are 35% to 65% lower than the suggest retail price. Usually you can only see these discounts on bargain bin clearence games. We offer these prices every day on our entire selection of popular titles! Plus shipping costs little or nothing at all. If you're looking for a great game at a great price you've come to the right place.

You could win a $150 shopping spree!

We want to be your go to store for buying, selling and trading board games. We'd love to hear your feedback on how we can improve. For just a few minutes of your time you'll receive $5 in store credit and a chance to win a $150 shopping spree! Click Here to learn more.

Cyber Monday Board Game Deals

Cyber Monday Board Game Sale

Cyber Monday deals are here! Get your holiday shopping done and pocket some sweet store credit for yourself! Usable on everything in the store, even preorders! All deals end at midnight tonight!

Store Deals - Shop Now

7% kickback on all orders - after checkout you will receive a store credit deposit to your account equal to 7% of your order value. 

Buylist Deals - Sell Now

20% bonus store credit on trades - Trade in your gently used board games for store credit and receive 20% more to use anywhere in store

Free FedEx lable service when you trade 5+ games - Trade in 5 or more games for store credit and we'll provide you with a FREE label to cover the shipping. Labels are usually sent to your email within a few hours of order approval.

50% off FedEx lable service on cash sales - Sell and number of your gently used board games to us and we'll send you a label for shipping. The cost of the label, less 50%, will be automatically deducted from your cash payout.

Black Friday Deals Week 11/20-11/26

Black Friday Deals Week

Buylist Deals

25% bonus store credit - Bonus store credit applies on trade-ins for store credit.

$5 instant store credit on all buylist orders - Applied to your account when your buylist order is approved. Typically within hours of submission. Offer may only be redeemed once per person.

Free FedEx label service when you trade-in four or more games - Once your order is approved we will email you a prepaid label(s) to put on your box(es). Please be sure to submit your order with an address.  Pack your games and tape the labels to your box(es) and drop them off at your nearest FedEx location. 

Black Friday Store Deals

Special pricing on hundreds of items in the store - Big savings on new games and HUGE discounts on used. Extremely limited quantities!

40% off sleeves and bags - Check the supplies and accessories tab for options.

Free shipping on orders over $100

Due to the large volume of orders please expect your order to ship between the 22nd and the 1st. 

Grand Opening Celebration!

Grand Opening

Welcome to The newest way to buy, sell and trade board games.

We wanted to create the easiest way for gamers to trade in their old or unplayed board games for new releases or all-time favorites. Add to cart, pack & ship then get paid. It's just that simple. 

During our grand opening celebration we will be offering HUGE savings sitewide and free shipping on orders of $75 or more. Plus a generous 33% bonus when you trade-in your games. Thanks for checking us out. We hope you enjoy your time on our site.