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Buylist Terms

Buylist Terms, Procedures and Conditions

1. Any sales made are solely between Cheap Cheap Games (CCG) and you. By submitting a buylist order (sale) you agree to all of the terms and conditions herein.

2. By submitting a buylist order you acknowledge you have read and understand our Game Condition Guide. Once you submit your buylist order you will receive an email notifying you that we are reviewing your order. Within 2 business days you will receive an additional notification regarding acceptance or denial. In the case of denial we will not be accepting any of the games on the list. You may correct any errors and/or remove any denied games and resubmit your order.

3. When your order has been accepted we will provide you a shipping label to send your games in. Please package your games and include a printout of your buylist order acceptance form. This form MUST be included in order to process your order. You must package the games adequately including but not limited to securing components inside the box, using proper shipping containers, and packaging materials such as bubble wrap and packing peanuts. The cost of the shipping label(s) is the actual cost invoiced by UPS. This is determined by the number of boxes, size, weight and distance from our facility. The cost will be deducted from the cash value of your final payout. If CCG provides you a free or paid label it will not include insurance. Insurance can be purchased, upon request, at a cost of 1.5% of the shipments cash value. You must package your order according to UPS guidelines for your insurance to be valid. This cost will be deducted from the cash value of the final payout. CCG is not responsible for any lost or damaged packages. CCG reserves the right to reject or downgrade any games received damaged as a result of shipping damages. 

4. Within 3 business days of receipt we will process your buylist order. Processing includes an inspection of all games for condition and completeness. Expansions must be seperated entirely from the base game, bagged and labeled. Failure to do so will result in either rejection of your expansion and base game or you will incur a $15 per hour sorting fee to be deducted from your payout. Any games that are missing components or do not meet the conditions as described in our Condition Guide will be downgraded or rejected. Rejected games will be returned to the seller at their expense. If a seller does not respond to a rejection notice within 10 business days their rejected game(s) will be disposed of.

5. Once your order has been processed we will send payment. Cash payments will be sent to the PayPal address you provided. Store credit payments (including any bonuses) will be credited to your account and will be available for immediate use. 

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